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It features a good number of technologies found previously on the top-of-the offerings, its seductive appearance gives no hint about the modest price tag.

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The Strym is packed with high-end features, while adopting the latest trends in both fashion and design. Last summer Rudy Project announced their new lineup which includes a mid-price road model called Strym.

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This model breaks with the design features which characterized previous helmets, it initiates a modern and fashionable upsurge by Rudy Project. Rudy Project stayed with the tried and trusted double helmint kilépés Mould construction, which combines the softer polyurethane inner foam with a hard polycarbonate outer shell.

Termékinformáció Áttekintés A Lumos intelligens kerékpáros sisak az első olyan fejvédő, amely tökéletes egységbe fogja össze a láthatósági fényeket, a fékezés- és az irányjelző fényeket, valamint az iOS-alkalmazás nyújtotta funkciókat. Helmint kilépés elöl és hátul is szupererős LED-ekkel felszerelt Lumos sisak helyzetéből adódóan a szokásosnál magasabbról bocsátja ki a fényt, így láthatóbb leszel az utakon. Láttasd magad az úton A Lumos sisakba kiváló minőségű fények vannak közvetlenül beépítve. Elöl 10 fehér, hátul 38 piros, és irányjelzéshez mindkét oldalon 11 borostyánsárga LED gondoskodik arról, hogy igazán helmint kilépés látható legyél az utakon.

Furthermore, the composite structure extends over the back of the head instead of just the top section to help prevent the most prevalent type of injuries.

This system is proven to offer the best protection for most of the possible impact situations. Rudy Project applied 16 huge vents joined by internal air channel to helmint kilépés cooling the head surface thereby reducing body helmint kilépés. I would highlight the two horizontal vents just above the brim as I could literary feel air rushing through them pouring a welcome breeze over my forehead. As this part of the helmint kilépés is first to be covered up helmint kilépés sweat, a design that helps to dry it is certainly a bonus.

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Just like the Spectrum model I tested previouslythe Strym also employs the famed Airframe padding system. This results in most the padding coming into contact with the skin, offering more effective sweat absorption along with better comfort by spreading out surface pressure.

The pads have helmint kilépés mesh structure, helmint kilépés side taking up the sweat while the other is cooled by the incoming breeze in the internal air channels.

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This type of premium padding is usually found on the top-of-the-line helmets on the market. Moreover, the level of quality and softness is very rare to see in fergek kepek mid-price range, making the Strym unique in this respect as well. And in case the pads need replacing, the local distributor offers spares, lending the helmet a new lease of life.

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This model certainly deserves a potential refurbishment! Rudy Project has always been at the forefront when it comes to helmet and eyewear comfort, and the Strym is ready to continue the trend.

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It features height adjustment as well as the renowned RSR10 helmint kilépés mechanism providing 3D adjustment. The helmet easily adapts to virtually any head shape: in my case playing around for about half of a minute with the controls provided a perfect fit. The straps have easy to use buckles with practical rubber clips to hold the surplus strip in a tidy fashion. Women are also catered for as there is a sizeable opening between the lower back of the helmet and the height adjustment straps for virtually any hair plait style.

All in all, we cannot but conclude that the Strym proposes an extremely though-out package, much belying its price tag. Getting used to the Strym helmint kilépés an easy affair thanks partly to its excellent adjustment system.


In fact it proved to be one of the best fitting helmets I have ever tried, it went helmint kilépés unnoticed helmint kilépés the helmint kilépés. I know well that helmet fit is a subjective matter, but other riders tend to give much the same feedback, making me convinced that the design will work for the general cycling public. I have to say that I did most of the riding during the heatwave in July, and had no major issues with heat accumulation. In fact Rudy Project is quick to point out that the Strym is not a dedicated road helmet, rather a multi-purpose design for everyday use.

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The Airframe padding system seem to work quite well, but some may prefer the conventional spongy pads for better sweat absorption. I cannot but recommend the Strym helmet from this prestigious Italian brand, which provides excellent comfort and versatile adjustment for a very helmint kilépés price.

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Available in no less helmint kilépés 8 great colors, the Strym will likely to make a significant impact on the helmet market. All Rudy Project helmint kilépés can be found on the Rudy Project Magyarország home pagemoreover you can check them out in helmint kilépés at their concept store.